Probably British wrestling’s most well known official Mal Mason lost his final battle recently to cancer and marked the end of an era for promotions, wrestlers, and fans alike.

Mal has worked for all of the well known, modern day promotions as well the true legends of the scene like Dale Martin, All Star, and Jackie Pallo’s “Star who presents the Stars” outfit.

In his time, he has driven the length and breath of the UK and abroad, sometimes from one end of the country to the other in a couple of days.

From in the ring as a referee or M.C. to running shows backstage to being in charge of the front of house affairs, every promotion could always rely on Mal to be the professional official.

Mal along with fellow referee Joe D’Orazio and wrestler and Kent resident Tony Scarlo organised the first British Wrestlers reunion in Mal’s back garden, and since then has flourished to be one of the most recognised in the world.

When Rumble Promotions started back on the scene after a near fifteen year break a couple of years ago , Mal was the obvious choice to be the commissioner and public face. He only missed three of our shows in that time due to being booked elsewhere.

At a show last Christmas, Mal came into the dressing room after watching two young newcomers, and praised them both of a great performance, choice words that both have cherished ever since. He knew what to say and when to say it.

Mal Mason was British wrestling’s “official” official, he would do anything at, before or after a show to keep the professional side of the business looking good.

Mal you were a very good friend to all at Rumble and every other promotion across the UK and beyond.

British Wrestling will now be not as “official” without him there and for that it will be a very big loss.

Rumble Wrestlers have posted their own tributes:

> I first met Mal Mason shortly before I turned professional. Ever since he’s always made me feel welcome and been on hand to give me advice and/or a bollocking when needed. It was a pleasure travelling with him across the country and hearing his stories from his many years in the job. Sleep well Mal.”

—Josh Faulkner

> Absolutely devastated to hear that Mal Mason has passed away. It was always a pleasure to spend time with him at shows and be able to receive feedback from him in great detail. One of my fondest moments in wrestling was Mal coming backstage at Rumble Wrestling and praising Nino and myself on a match we’d just had that we were extremely proud of. That moment was the cherry on top of a fantastic day and receiving such high praise from somebody as respected as Mal is a moment I won’t soon forget. RIP Mal Mason.”

— Maverick Mayhew

> Such sad news hearing the passing of Mal Mason, he was such a great man, he worked with my grandad, my dad and now me, and would always look after me. Going to be so missed. RIP Mal.”

— Syd Manelli

> Despite Mal Mason cheating me out of well earned victories in halls all over the place, I’m sad to hear the news of his passing. Mal’s passion for the wrestling was contagious, although it’ll be different at Rumble Promotions without him, it’ll continue to be a better place for fans and wrestlers because of his involvement. Godspeed Mal.

— Mr. USA

> All of us at Rumble Promotions, from the fans, wrestlers, ring crew, show team and I am sure I speak from all of the staff at the halls we visit, really thank Mal for being there for all of us, and although you will be longer with us at the shows personally, we know you will be watching over us, and will forever be British Wrestling’s Official Official. RIP Mal.”

— Steve Barker, Rumble Wrestling MD

Our heart goes out to wife Vicky, his children Jo, Philip, and Richard, and all the family at this very sad time but we hope our words and the hundreds of other wishes being posted are of some comfort to you at this time.

RIP British wrestling’s “official” official, Mr. Mal Mason.