Rumble Wrestling continues to expand its fan base with regular “Full House” signs going up before the day of their shows throughout the South East with more and more fans travelling around the various halls to support their favourite wrestlers and the area’s number one family wrestling promotion.

The promoters also continue to receive emails and messages from wrestlers looking to join our roster and enjoy the “big time” atmosphere and entertain the hundreds and hundreds of our fans as opposed to some of the small crowds with their existing contracts.

And whilst there have also been a couple of comments mocking the Rumble product, we are proud of our traditional British style ring, referees who dress smart, and having a strict code of conduct regarding language and gestures for our popular family shows. And do they think that our top stars like Tate Mayfairs, Sid Manelli, Mr Shenwoo, etc etc wrestle for nothing or go into the ring as sacrificial lambs …. Alternatively, suggest to any so called independent promotes that they would wrestle in their halls and they would be out selling tickets before the ink on the contract had time to dry.

Not that there is any danger of that happening, all our Rumble Champions and characters have a full series of winter challenges ahead and one that the paying Rumble fans will continue to enjoy, plus we are adding new and bigger venues all the time.