Seven weeks tonight, two wrestlers will take part in a final of a tournament that hasn't been run for over thirty years.

With the sad passing of British wrestling's official official, Mal Mason at the end of 2020, and the tournament in his name for the official British Lightweight Championship, Rumble Promotions started an elimination tournament in July and with seven starting and now down to the final two, it has everything on the cards to produce a match of old school as well as some of the high flying moves the crowds of today have come to expect.

Lewis Mayhew and Nino Bryant are the two finalists with the bout, to be wrestled under Lord Mountevans rules and with eight three minute rounds, and two falls, submissions or a knockout to decide the winner and the new champion.

The bout also has added significance as it is to be refereed by the former Lightweight Champion of Britain, Europe and the world, Peckham's Steve Grey.

For those critics of modern day wrestling, we invite you to this show. Come and see how two of our very best young prospects in this country can do to entertain both you and the fans of this Country.

Legends from the past in the ring, plus other promoters and Mal Mason's family will be guest of honour at this event.

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